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How Do I Set My Banjo Bridge Intonation?

Intonation is the idea of the banjo being in tune all along the fingerboard and is largely determined by the correct positioning of the bridge.

Depending on how the bridge is positioned can often be the difference between an incredible sounding banjo and a lousy one. So correct bridge positioning is vital. It is a routine part of maintaining your banjo, particularly after changing your strings. 

  • Place the bridge in the approximate position on the head and set the strings in their grooves
  • Tune the banjo as you normally would using a good tuner. 
  • Choose one string and play it open and ensure that is tuned correctly
  • Play the same string, fretting at the 12th fret
  • If the note is sharp and needs to be moved back towards the tailpiece.
  • If the note is flat, the bridge will need to be moved forwards towards the neck. 
  • Move the bridge in small increments and keep checking the open and 12th fret tuning at each movement. 
  • Repeat across all strings until they are all set. 
  • Enjoy your banjo!